SmackSoft featured in Today News

featured in Today News

‘Whang Bo Ryung = SmackSoft’, held two independent performances in December
This article was written in Today newspaper, Reporter Kim So-jung, Published 2018.12.05

The rock band ‘SmackSoft’ will perform solo performances twice on December 15 and 23. The singer of SmackSoft is a singer-songwriter and artist who majored in art at New York Pratt Institute of Art & Design.

In 1998, after the announcement of his 1st album “Gangyang with three ears”, he was attracted the attention of the music industry with the “2nd album sun wheel” which worked together with the representative talented musicians of Korea. He formed the band SmackSoft and released his 6th album “Urbane Sanity ‘And has been evaluated as having raised the artistry of Korean rock and spreading the horizon through the domestic and international stage. He is preparing a new single album, which will be released in March next year.

Prior to the preparation of the album, titled “Turning Point”, the show will be held on December 15th at 8:00 PM on Saturday, Hongdae Strange Fruit, and on December 23rd at 6:00 pm at NEST NADA.

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