Whang Bo Ryung releases new teaser for ‘As If Nothing Ever Happened’

Whang Bo Ryung, the font-woman of the independent band SMACKSOFT has released a teaser for her new track ‘As If Nothing Ever Happened’.

Whang Bo Ryung belongs among the first wave of Korean independent artists and musicians, whose music reached beyond borders of nationality while still being influenced by their Korean roots. Her music is both captivating and dynamic. Moreover she has our respect for her willingness and fearlessness to make creative risks and present her fans with really special songs.

‘As If Nothing Ever Happened’ comes out February 27!

If you are a SMACKSOFT fan, live in the US and would like to see them perform live you can see them March 13 8.00 – 8.40 pm @ the Icenhauer’s  in Austin, Texas,  together with the likes of Big Phony, Glen Check, Rock’N’Roll Radio or Love X Stereo. More info here @ SXSW website.

Check out the teaser below!

via Love K-Pop, written by Monika